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Seychelles Australian Tea Tree Body wash For Him (350ml)



It is prepared with only organic and all natural ingredients. Our ingredients are specifically formulated with high levels of organic aloe vera leaf juice, organic vegetable glycerin, organic cold pressed jojoba oil, and organic cold pressed argon oil, which are said to contain rejuvenating benefits for all skin types. Our body wash is also fortified with key nutrients essential for healthy skin such as vitamins A & E. We further include a significant amount of therapeutic grade essential oils and botanical compounds designed to moisturize and soften your skin, and to soothe and nourish skin prone to flakiness, acne, and eczema. This will greatly reduce the occurrence of dry and irritated skin, which will in turn reduce the frequency of breakouts and blemishes, leaving your skin feeling clean and looking healthy!

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2 reviews for Seychelles Australian Tea Tree Body wash For Him (350ml)

  1. Neha

    I am very particular about my hand, and body sanitization after COVID. So I always buy Tea tree body wash. I have tried many online. My fav is The body shop but this is equally good . It gave the same fragrance with same gentleness. Way economical than The body Shop in terms of quantity. I will definitely try again

  2. Shabir

    Nice i have tried this for first time but its good in terms of freshness and tea tree scent is very good. I generally get itchiness while coming back from holiday. Then tea tree bath is my fav. Its economical and very mild. Even my kids enjoyed bath with this.

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