Seychelles Rose, Lavender, Calendula, Orchid Essential Oil Bath Bombs (Pack of 4)


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  • It has Mild Froth and gives Radiant and Soft Skin after Bathing.
  • Leaves mesmerizing Aroma that lingers. Best Bathing Experience.
  • Himalayan Salt – natural disinfectant, can help to soften the skin.
  • Remineralises and balances pH level
  • 🍋 Lemon Essential Oil – can help to reduce anxiety and depression symptoms
  • It has properties to Repair Skin Naturally and gives Baby Soft Skin.
  • The essential oils let off a heavenly “real” scent.
  • Warning: you will not experience any fake fragrances, dyes or overly fizzy or drying bath water. Only natural ingredients packed in these treats! When you are done relaxing in this heavenly bath, your skin will be nourished and actually silky soft (not greasy) leaving you feeling truly pampered inside
  • Single bath bomb is sufficient for 1 bath tub.We do not use any glue,any artificial ingredient or any preservatives they are naturally dried with edible ingredients to give you goodness of all it has. Its packed safely Cylindrical Packing.Its Vegan, No Animal Testing,No Child Labour Used . A handmade Product
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Weight .450 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 9 cm

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